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Lexus celebrates several many years of F a la mode

The Lexus GS F can be an results that are traditional through a huge, obviously aspirated motor in advance. You won’t obtain the expression twin-turbo any accepted place in the press content, and that is entirely good. The 5.0-liter V8 isn’t likely to outrun the high-powered Germans inside a drag competition with 467 horsepower and 389 pound-feet of torque. Nonetheless, all that electricity try usable throughout the road, right up to the marvelous 7,300 rpm redline.

A exhaust that is noisy the deafening design on all of our particular test car. We’d the respect of driving the anniversary that is 10th, that can be simply for simply 100 automobiles during the U.S. You pay only further for most of the look that is special but guy it is apparently great. Matte Nebula Gray paint wraps the top, while unique Fuji azure leather-based trim covers the inner. Azure Brembo system that is braking behind BBS forged tires keep carefully the theme that is blue on the outside of. Michelin Pilot Sport tires come common, supplying an quantity that is impressive of for the sedan that is big. Many of the secret to the anniversary automobile is due to the stunning bluish interior — it really keeps blue carbon dietary fiber and bluish cut that is suede.

Lexus GS F 10th Anniversary version

Rear-wheel drive could be the best way that is possible comes — same goes for any eight-speed transmission that is automatic. The cost that is final all of our GS F 10th Anniversary Edition cars takes place to $93,080. That’s after the $5,000 anniversary package, $1,380 level Levinson music and $900 display that is head-up. It however should come in under $100,000, making it cheaper than the M5 or Mercedes-AMG age 63 S sedan.

Older Editor, Green, John Beltz Snyder: I’m going to focus on a thing that might not be common: I love this internal. The Lexus is believed by me personally that try blue utilized is to die for. The white band going straight down the bluish textile athletics chair mirrors the bluish controls with white at center that is best. Those sitting are now instead safe and extremely supportive, aswell. The microsuede-type that is blue in the dash might be a much, however in this instance, just a small much feels completely appropriate. The stitching that is bluish maybe the blue-accented carbon fibre slim pop music in this interior, mirroring the clue of bluish spied from the brake calipers through the dark rims in the open air. Eventually, you may dislike the mouse-type infotainment screen (this 1 managed to perhaps not piss us off entirely), however it looks cool inside this GS F.

Associate publisher, Zac Palmer: we favor that Lexus still uses bigger, obviously aspirated V8s in its abilities cars. Most of your competition that is german be much more strong and ultimately quicker, but none of the character is had by those machines of the GS F power device. Torque is sent wearing a fashion that is linear does collapse unless n’t you achieve redline. A stylish and tiredness that is gnarly comes using this predictable power, sounding much better the more you rev it. The number of power is enough to spin the trunk tires up and make a tv show at a stoplight, it’s never as fast to allow free from the street. This has on community highways and you’ll success 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds render an M5 such a thing.

Lexus GS F 10th Anniversary version

That’s perfect for a race track, but the enjoyable is completed rather quickly if you’re speed that is following. I would take pleasure in the GS F’s system, however the indication is an extra matter that is applicable. It’s easygoing and smooth when you’d adore it to be, but We found myself wanting for quicker shifts and much better impulse in handbook kind. Put the car within the many environment that is aggressive automated environment, plus it’s fine for fighting a backroad that is twisty. But, we happened to be regularly frustrated with all the procedure in handbook form, especially in comparison to the smooth and ZF that is quick-shifting used in a number of other bigger overall performance sedans. Don’t mess with the motor, Lexus. But be yes to manage make the method of getting that electricity down a bit a complete lot more user-friendly for all your fan.

Relate Editor, Joel Stocksdale: Don’t worry, John, you’re perhaps not the one that is only really likes the blue inside, I really do, too. Lexus generally speaking has been nailing the compartments, plus it do the most efforts that are readily helpful bold hues such as the bluish contained in this GS F consequently the white, plum and tan internal in the LC. It’s simply an embarrassment the way that is only get the azure covers is to find the tenth model that is anniversary, which besides being very limited, additionally only features a matte grey paint that looks cool but will undoubtedly be described as a nightmare to take care of.

Looks apart, one of many standout qualities we haven’t mentioned concerning the GS F is really the managing that is excellent. No other performance that is midsize feels very lightweight and playful in corners. The nose dives in eagerly additionally the engine automobile seems most easy. Put loads of grip along with a composed trip, and also the GS F begs one to fling it every which way. This, plus everything else my peers and that I said are just what make the GS F my sedan that is preferred within phase.

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