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The 2019 Toyota Sienna shows the 8th 12 months since Toyota’s minivan ended up being completely redesigned. Though it’s obtained changes which are significant that energy, all of its rivals appear to have been redesigned subsequently, particularly the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey. That said, the Sienna however offers a persuasive variety of family-friendly qualities and continues to boast a advantage that is serious is competitive becoming the actual only minivan which provides all-wheel drive being an choice (although a Pacifica AWD is originating) . The Sienna isn’t as hopelessly away from time as the era would suggest while its competitors were ultimately stronger items.

Exactly what is really brand new with Sienna for 2019?

Toyota features included an essential but but incomplete technical up-date for 2019. Fruit CarPlay and Amazon Alexa integration are usually qualities which are standard Toyota’s older infotainment screen, but there clearly was nonetheless no Android os automobile. Adding an element of the functionality that is smartphone a step of progress, however the just about all social people still won’t have the ability to see these features — you can find currently a lot more Android users than iOS customers in the us. All-wheel drive normally offered throughout the sportier SE degree that is slim 2019.

Toyota Sienna Review and buying Guide

What is actually Sienna’s interior and technology that is in-car?

The Sienna is just a van that is wide the surface, and it provides a broad, expansive rush on the inside. There are a great number of hard plastics all around, but many of those see replaced with product and soft touch products while you rise the ladder that is trim. It appears outdated for all the part that is most, considering that the Sienna really is a van that is classic. None in the swoops which are extravagant types from more recent Toyota interiors have really made it in to the Sienna, and that will make it think dated. This is just amplified of the Pacifica that is modern-day and also Kia Sedona interior spaces that folks choose over this one.

Energy for all your people is mostly about medium for almost any part. You obtain 10 cupholders because of the van that is seven-seat 12 using eight-seater. Next five USB ports manufactured available, with more than one in every line that is single. Many of the usability is afflicted with the messy layout associated with heart bunch, like the seat that is heated wheels being nestled lower through the see while a bunch of buttons that all have actually a look the actual stay that is same in the open.

Toyota Sienna Review and buying Guide Toyota Sienna Review and buying Guide

Toyota’s infotainment method is in pretty bad shape of this screen that is dinosaur-like. Thankfully it makes fresh fruit CarPlay standard for all your 2019 model year, but all of those other system’s features become tricky. The user interface’s skin, menus and style all feel the same as they may be more than a steps which can be few your competition. Every thing that is little, it truly discourages usage that is actual usually being sluggish, unreactive and displeasing to utilize. If tech and infotainment are extremely important elements of the buying that is own decision understand that the Toyota are toward the back in the package in this admiration.

How big is Sienna?

The Sienna is all about the length that is same all of those other minivans in the marketplace. There isn’t much distinction here, because they all hover only above 200 in. You sit down in a place that is commanding appearing reduced on the rush and throughout the front side overhang that is little. Behind your happens to be a room that is expansive with sitting for either seven or eight as a whole. The line that is second become adjusted via slides that may free up room within the third line, or deliver the next row into limousine territory. The Sienna really has less legroom but more shoulder room than its competitors with everything set in its normal place.

Toyota has the ability to become cargo that is respectable out of the Sienna nevertheless, with increased area than anybody else when all three rows had been upright. Max levels through the Sienna tallies as much as 150 cu-ft, but you’re capable of getting some more cubes out of different vehicles whenever setup in full cargo assault (for instance. seats removed/stowed away). The Sienna does perhaps not damage the form regarding the cargo place for nearly every fancy external models, offering up the quantity that is maximum of through the van’s impact. Toyota delivers a inventory of luggage solutions like nets, totes and racks being even roof allow you to set up your packaging.

Toyota Sienna Review and buying Guide

In terms of seating, Toyota provides a fold-flat line that is 3rd every other minivan. The second-row captain’s chairs slip much furthermore than those associated with the Pacifica and Odyssey, letting you fall most of them much forward for extra products area or far rearward to develop legroom that is limo-like. We think they are ultimately more comfortable as they don’t fold away to the flooring just like the Pacifica’s. The removable segment among them that creates the Sienna’s eight-passenger capability is not since comfy as the Odyssey’s full seat that is middle.

Precisely what is Sienna’s general gasoline and performance economy?

Toyota supplies one transmission and engine use that is making of Sienna. The 3.5-liter V6 was mated to the eight-speed automatic transmission, and energy is routed to either the front wheels or simply an offered system that is all-wheel-drive. It makes 296 horse power and 263 pound-feet of torque. This will make it by far the minivan that is most that is powerful but best scarcely. The Sienna feels sprightly whenever running totally unloaded, but never ever quickly. Their transmission that is eight-speed helps revs lower on the highway, however its slow to shift.

Gas climate that is economic aggressive with others in the sector, ranked at 19 mpg city, 27 mpg freeway and 22 mpg combined for front-drive items. All-wheel drive Siennas become ranked 18/24/20 mpg, a plunge that is significant productivity for delivering power to all four wheels. We have now best driven a 2019 model with all-wheel drive and came back 23 mpg on a longer highway haul, slightly below the EPA score. What exactly is the Sienna love to drive?

It depends on the trim amount you select. The Sienna XLE AWD we examined, as well as more amounts that are trim feel heavier in every situation – ponderous and sluggish to improve way or performance. Imagine piling a supplementary 1,000 pounds right into a sedan that is classic is full-size and that’s almost exactly how an empty Sienna drives. This is actually made worse by the throttle calibration introduced whenever the V6 that is engine that’s current automatic were introduced for 2017. The intention is often to unexciting the final outcome of accidental throttle stabs whenever groing through lumps and eek out an iota a lot more fuel economy. Nonetheless, extra vans don’t appear to see the need with this, in addition to the outcome is the fact that the Sienna moves with all the current alacrity of the bison that is sullen. Prod they adequate plus it suddenly drops a things that are few lopes down. Its easily maddening.

In contrast, there is the SE trim stage which includes a far more suspension system that is composed sharper steering and just ordinary throttle response that is normal. The SE is demonstrably among the best minivans to get, and it is perhaps maybe not uneasy though it is not whatever you’d phone stylish, furthermore. We might wager the Sienna that is next-generation will a lot more like the SE than other amount that is lean. Nonetheless, every Sienna isn’t actually refined as more vans that are present. There exists a bit a whole lot more vibration and noise.

Toyota’s V6 engine isn’t really an inspiring mill, however it receives the tasks finished without ever meek that is experiencing underpowered (throttle responses apart). It takes this power to tow up to and including trailer that is 3,500-pound lots for whatever adventure gear doesn’t compliment around or in addition van.

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